Client Services

The ESMS program specializes in providing shelter and services for homeless men operating a 75-bed facility. Client check-in starts at 4:00 pm and wake up is 7am with all clients departing shelter by 7:30 am.

Essential Services: Emergency shelter, hot nutritious meal (dinner), showers, clothing and personal care items for men who are homeless.

Job Training and Job Assistance: The Job Development Project offers on-site access to pre-employment skills in an effort to get shelter residents ready for employment. Program components include workshops, individual counseling and job fairs, all designed to build skills in the area of resume development, interview skills, application procedures, appropriate dress and job search methods. Once the residents are referred to area employers, retention services are provided including on-the-job assessments, crisis intervention, information and referrals.

Case Management Services: Case Managers provide information and referral services for the residents. This critical service is the residents’ link with area social services, training programs, housing and treatment options.

Free community service telephone and answering machine for residents: One incoming line that is dedicated to residents for employment, housing,and family/personal reasons.

On-Site Medical Care: Provided weekly by the Hill Health Center’s Homeless Healthcare Project, services are at no cost to the residents and can include medical screening/evaluations, flu shots, and prescription medications.

*Free Weekly HIV testing: Residents are able to get tested weekly at no cost

Mental Health Outreach Services: Assist residents with mental health issues, including those who are dually diagnosed (mental health and substance abuse) and makes every attempt to provide information and treatment options, make direct connections to services and provide additional support services.

Educational Workshops: Community volunteers and organizations provide workshops and clinics to assist the residents with issues that affect them like disability benefits, housing discrimination, criminal matters, HIV/AIDS resources, etc.

We Are Located at:

645 Grand Ave
New Haven, CT

Phone: (203) 777-2522

Hours of Operation:

ESMS is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Administrative Staff Hours:
9 am to 5 pm
Monday — Friday.

Case Management Team:
7 am to 7 pm
Monday — Friday.